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    Up to 400 kg/cm2. Material. Mild steel. Voltage. 220V to 420V. Product type. Dosing System. Positive Metering Pumps (I) Pvt Ltd is one of the ISO 9001-2000 certified leading dosing pump manufacturing company. Our company has an expertise in manufacturing of Boiler Chemical Dosing System.Learn More

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    Chemical dosing pumps are also used to handle tasks such as the chemical treatment of water in boilers for use in cooling towers, or when working potable water. Milton Roy's range of chemical metering pumps is designed for high out applications. Robust in design and construction, these dosing pumps are highly suitable for applications such as water treatment chemicals, process …Learn More

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    Dec 11, 2012 · The LP Dosing system doses into the boiler feed water pump suction line, or, de-aerator inlet line, under low pressure PSI ENGG SYSTEMS P.LTD. 33. PSI ENGG SYSTEMS P.LTD. 34. Some boiler installations need 3-pump HP dosing systems, asshown above.Learn More

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    Aug 01, 2011 · Metering pumps are designed to pump into low or high discharge pressures at controlled flow rates. For boiler water treatment applications, the metering pumps used must be able to dispense accurate chemical dosages every time in order to ensure the proper chemical treatment of the boiler feed water.Learn More

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    Innovation's range of product for Boiler Water Systems. ICT Oxy S 350 (BW) -Anti-Corrosion Agent. ICT Oxy S HP 351 (BW) ICT SC 352 (BW) - Sludge Conditioning Agent. ICT pH S 353 (BW) - Alkalinity Builder/pH stabilizer. ICT CRT 354 (BW) - Condensate return line treatment. ICTCC 1003 (BW) - Cleaning Chemical for Boiler system.Learn More

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    Peristaltic Metering Pumps for Accurate Dosing. Whether this is dosing chemicals for water treatment or ingredients and additives in food, cosmetic or manufacturing production line, Castle Pumps have a peristaltic metering pump solution for you. Our range of peristaltic dosing pumps benefit from a smooth operation and lower flow rates to ensure accurate metering of fluids …Learn More

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    Dosing pumps are used in applications such as boiler or cooling water pH adjustment or safeguarding water systems against precipitation and effects of corrosion, in addition to applications for heating of water. The dosing pumps are often used for admixture of scale inhibiting agents and disinfectants in water treatment systems. The pumps can be used for a …Learn More

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    Odorant and lubricant addition to natural gas. Additives for emission control of high and low sulphur oil and coal units. Our UMBL and UMPN Series Reciprocating Pumps. Distilleries. Application. Solution. Addition of slurries and filter aids. To dose / meter H2S04 prior to fermentation. To process water and boiler water.Learn More

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    Boiler Treatments - Aquamarine ChemicalsLearn More

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    The delivery system most often used is the chemical metering pump. Nearly 95% of all feed systems use metering pumps. beyond the feedwater pump or into the steam drum, the pump must be matched to the boiler pressure. For high-pressure boilers, proper pump selection is critical. Product Feed Considerations chelating agents can corrode Learn More

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    Sep 27, 2021 · Metering Pumps for Proper Treatment. Because chemical injections are delicate processes that require precision, metering pumps serve as a viable option for effective boiler-water treatment. Two pumping technologies that work well are hydraulically actuated diaphragm metering pumps and solenoid-actuated diaphragm metering pumps.Learn More

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    Chemical Dosing Pump Singapore | Easy InstallationLearn More

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    Sensys are main UK agents for Iwaki, Walchem and Sensorex who are world leaders in chemical dosing pumps, cooling tower, boiler, pH/ ORP, disinfection water treatment process controllers and electrodes. In support of all our products we can offer advice on system design and chemical compatibility/ dosing.Learn More

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    Dec 11, 2012 · The LP Dosing system doses into the boiler feed water pump suction line, or, de-aerator inlet line, under low pressure PSI ENGG SYSTEMS P.LTD. 33. PSI ENGG SYSTEMS P.LTD. 34. Some boiler installations need 3-pump HP dosing systems, asshown above.Learn More

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    Feb 04, 2018 · Check my new web site's about clothing: guys more educational viLearn More

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    This is a plus point economically and ecologically. FWO-Control monitors and controls the dosage of inhibitors and the vapor valve in the feed water boiler in three ways. The control unit has a modular structure and is divided into conductivity monitoring, pH value monitoring and optical monitoring of the residual oxygen content.Learn More


    BOILERS — Full range of boiler chemicals for both heating and power boilers fed automatically or manually. BOTTLING PLANTS — Use pumps for filter flocculation, water purification with hypochlorite, injection of wetting agents and al-kaline cleaning solutions into bottle washers. BOYS' CLUBS- Swimming pool applications for hypochlorite,Learn More

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    Answer: * Hydrazine removes dissolve oxygen from boiler feed water. * the oxygen gets released from water when the boiler water is recovered for use in Boiler once again. * This water is a precious resource as it is demineralised. * When the water is …Learn More

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    Often used in boiler feed systems and water treatment, these pumps are compatible with chemicals such as cleaning fluids and acid-washing solutions. Flanged Metering Pumps for Chemicals Commonly used in mining, wastewater treatment, and other systems that require large-diameter hose, these pumps have flanged hose connections and large diameter tubing.Learn More

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    - Dosing catalyst for polymerization of polyethylene and polypropylene, • Refinery/Downstream: - Injection of boiler feedwater and anti-fouling, transfer of sour water before treatment, injection of catalyst - Injection of DMDS (dimethyl disulfide), boiler feed water pump, metering of additivesLearn More