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Green Federation GAJA

Logo Green Federation GAJA

“Green Federation GAJA" (GFG) is a Polish NGO working in the field of active nature conservation, environment protection and civil society awareness rising since 1993. The organization is a member group of the Union of Associations “Polish Green Network” and Coalition Clean Baltic, gathering NGOs protecting waters and biodiversity of the Baltic Sea.

Green Federation GAJA focuses their efforts on prevention of the loss and restoration of what seems to be lost: rare, endangered species, traditional landscapes, respect for the Earth. Its work include research studies, educational campaigns, watchdog monitoring, raising society awareness on the problem of pollution of the Baltic Sea, direct actions. The organization is also active on the field of environmental policy development, especially in terms of lobbying work.

Within AQUAFIMA Green Federation GAJA is involved in the case study Vistula Lagoon. Furthermore, GFG compiles a report on the regional employment potential of aquaculture. Also a study report on the economic value created by recreational fishing tourism activities in Pomorskie Region will be worked out.


Jakub Skorupski
5 Lipca 45
70-374 Szczecin
Phone +48 091 489 42 33

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