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Klaipeda University

Klaipeda university_logo

Klaipeda University was established at 1991 to develop marine science and education. Academic activity of the University is unique among other Lithuanian universities and includes marine environmental science, fishery and aquaculture, marine transport engineering, hydrology and oceanography, marine economy, history and archaeology of Baltic region, ecological engineering, recreational architecture, landscape architecture, management of port technologies, recreation ant tourism. Fundamental and applied research relevant to the planned activities of the project is carried out at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Faculty of Marine Engineering, Faculty of Health, Coastal Research and Planning Institute.

Within AQUAFIMA we are the coordinator of Work Package 5. In Work Package 3 we are responsible for the case study Curonian Lagoon. In addition we will work out the regional employment potential of aquaculture for Lithuania. In certain activities we will contribute with delivering data from Lithuania.


Antanas Kontautas
Herkaus Manto st. 84
LT-92294 Klaipeda
Phone +370 46 398803

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