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Estonian University of Life Sciences


The Estonian University of Life Sciences - Eesti MaaĆ¼likool (EMU), is an Estonian public university and is the only university amon partners whose academic and research activities focus on the sustainable use and development of natural resources, preservation of heritage and habitat. The University is the centre of research and development in agriculture, forestry, animal and veterinary science, rural life studies and economy, food science and environmentally friendly technologies. The department of aquaculture of the Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences of the EMU is the only competence centre in Estonia focusing on aquaculture. It is in charge of the training of students and of research projects in fish and crayfish genetics, health and restocking. It also contributes to the legislation and regulation of aquaculture and has good cooperation with fish farmers’ organisations. The department evaluates applications of investments financed by the European Fisheries Fund, thus it has an overview of development, prospective and innovation in the sector. The department is responsible for keeping the database of restocking and analysis efficient.

Its contribution to the AQUAFIMA project mainly consists in providing information about aquaculture status and development trends in Estonia.


Katrin Kaldre
Kreutzwaldi  1A
51014 Tartu
Phone +372 7313481

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